Our Team

Jessica Estrella

Validation Engineer

A 4th year BME student at UCI and currently working in the Downing Lab. Conducts experiments to decrease toxicity of a chemotherapy drug to improve current cancer treatments. Studies and observes the effects of DNA methylation inhibitor on pancreatic cancer cells. Aspires to be a biomedical researcher who will contribute to the improvement of disease treatments by understanding and manipulating cell activity at the genomic level.

Winnie Hoh

Hardware Engineer

A 4th year Biomedical Engineering and German Studies undergraduate student at UC Irvine with an interest in nanotechnology, German culture, and medical devices. Seeking an opportunity to apply my experience assisting a biomedical company’s vision in delivering medical devices and/or services that will make the patients' health and safety their priority.

Brian Huynh

Team Co-Lead

I'm a 4th year student at UCI majoring BME. I have worked at Epinex starting as a R&D intern and have moved into the position as a Project Lead for software development and as a QA software tester. I'm a Junior software developer for mainly web development and with branching projects into mobile development.

William Juan

Prototyping Engineer

I'm a 4th year BME student at UCI and currently work in the Haun Lab. I also work at the UCI library. Conduct experiments on microfluidic diagnostic devices that mechanically dissociate tissue into single cells. Analyze experimental data including cell count, viability, and heterogeneity of cells. Participant in the Undergraduate Research Opportunity Program (UROP) for the project “Adapted Digestion Device for Rapid Digestion of Tissues into Cellular Suspensions”.


Eric Lawver

Team Co-Lead

A Senior Biomedical Engineering student that is graduating from University of California Irvine in June of 2019 with a specialization in biophotonics. Has a special interest in signal processing and data analysis techniques. He is seeking a position as a Bioinformatics Engineer, so that can pursue his passion for data in a field that he is very familiar with.


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Special thanks to our mentor Dr. King for all her assistance in our project