To be in sync with everyone, everywhere, everytime through blood pressure

Our Motivation:

Syncope is a temporary loss of consciousness usually related to insufficient blood flow to the brain. It most often occurs due to hypotension and the heart doesn't pump enough oxygen to the brain either after surgery or Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI). Syncope is a dramatic event and can even be life-threatening if not treated properly.

Needs Statement

Our mission is to create a noninvasive device to measure blood pressure in a patient within a safe and comfortable manner.

VISION: Our vision will be to reduce the costs asociated with longterm healthcare by giving the patient agency in their own data. With the ability to track and monitor their own progress, patients will more likely participate in healthcare treatment plans to take corrective action.

About Our Product

Our non-invasive product detects blood pressure continuously and alert users who are at a high risk of fainting due to syncope (extremely low blood pressure) using two photoplethysmogram (PPG) sensors.


What we have created


Current Market Products and their details


- Wireless wrist blood pressure monitor that that uses the oscillatory method so it is still not continuous monitoring

- Allows users and doctors to track patient information on a mobile application


- Wireless blood pressure monitor but still involves inflating/deflating cuff on wrist

- Sleek design and minimalist design

- Can connect to app to monitor patterns, including overnight BP

- Still not entirely continuous because oscillatory method is used

Tensys Medical

- Radial artery applanation tonometry: uses transducer on top of artery to measure mean arterial pressure; not continuous, held by examiner

- Most accurate because directly from radial artery, but not consumer friendly for everyday use

Market Strategy

Our Business Strategy will operate on a SaaS model for patients, doctors, and hospitals. Users will have access to their data and will be provided meaningful insights into their blood pressure history. We provide analytics and longterm data analytics so customers will a better understanding of their own health information and have greater agency in their own healthcare.

Patient Plan

Patients will have access to part of their own medical data and will have greater agency in their own treatment plans.

Healthcare Provider Plan

Doctors will have access to their patients' data and analytics and will be able to provide more comprehensive treatment plans.

Hospital Plan

We can package our services to hospitals and have real time blood pressure monitoring so that patients that are at high-risk of health complications from blood pressure problems can be monitored more easily.